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Cyborg Rarity by moronsonofboron

Well that’s pretty sweet

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Doing more work on the YCH picture

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Devoted Buddhist Kane attains enlightenment amidst his bout with Daniel Bryan as he begins to levitate toward the heavens, choosing a spiritual victory over an official win, and leaving the American Dragon to wallow among the dregs of the material world.

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WIP shot of the YCH picture. I think this is going to turn out nicely.

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As u can see competitive TF2 is a very srs business

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Working on the YCH, and trying out Furstream

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I tried a 2-D printer once, and the paper jammed.

So now I just painstakingly re-create my paper copies by hand, like a medieval monk.

i tried using paper, but the edges crumpled

so now i just chisel my commandments into stone, like old testament god

I tried using stone, but it cracked and broke.

Now I just scream everything at passersby, hoping they’ll remember what I said so I can ask them about it when I need it.

I tried shouting things at passersby but they ignored me.

Now I emit allohormones in a gypsobelum that bonds selectively with the recipient’s hemolymph to reconfigure their bursa copulax into a copulatory canal. I can only say one thing, “I want to mate with you,” but really, what else ever needs to be said?

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Hormel sued Jim Henson Productions over the name of the warthog character, “Spa’am.” The judge dismissed the suit, saying that “one would think Hormel would welcome to the association with a genuine source of pork.”


Hormel sued Jim Henson Productions over the name of the warthog character, “Spa’am.” The judge dismissed the suit, saying that “one would think Hormel would welcome to the association with a genuine source of pork.”


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A gif representing nuclear fusion and how it creates energy. 

[Click for more interesting science facts and gifs]

For those who don’t understand the GIF. It illustrates the Deuterium-Tritium fusion; a deuterium and tritium combine to form a helium-4. Most of the energy released is in the form of the high-energy neutron.

Nuclear fusion has the potential to generate power without the radioactive waste of nuclear fission (energy from splitting heavy atoms  into smaller atoms), but that depends on which atoms you decide to fuse. Hydrogen has three naturally occurring isotopes, sometimes denoted ¹H, ²H, and ³H. Deuterium (²H) - Tritium (³H) fusion (pictured above) appears to be the best and most effective way to produce energy. Atoms that have the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes (adding a proton makes a new element, but adding a neutron makes an isotope of the same atom). 

The three most stable isotopes of hydrogen: protium (no neutrons, just one proton, hence the name), deuterium (deuterium comes from the Greek word deuteros, which means “second”, this is in reference two the two particles, a proton and a neutron), and tritium (the name of this comes from the Greek word “tritos” meaning “third”, because guess what, it contains one proton and two neutrons). Here’s a diagram

Deuterium is abundant, it can be extracted from seawater, but tritium is a  radioactive isotope and must be either derived(bred) from lithium or obtained in the operation of the deuterium cycle. Tritium is also produced naturally in the upper atmosphere when cosmic rays strike nitrogen molecules in the air, but that’s extremely rare. It’s also a by product in reactors producing electricity (Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant). Tritium is a low energy beta emitter (unable to penetrate the outer dead layer of human skin), it has a relatively long half life and short biological half life. It is not dangerous externally, however emissions from inhaled or ingested beta particle emitters pose a significant health risk.

During fusion (energy from combining light elements to form heavier ones), two atomic nuclei of the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium must be brought so close together that they fuse in spite of the strongly repulsive electrostatic forces between the positively charged nuclei. So, in order to accomplish nuclear fusion, the two nuclei must first overcome the electric repulsion (coulomb barrier ) to get close enough for the attractive nuclear strong force (force that binds protons and neutrons together in atomic nuclei) to take over to fuse the particles. The D-T reaction is the easiest to bring about, it has the lowest energy requirement compared to energy release. The reaction products are helium-4 (the helium isotope) – also called the alpha particle, which carries 1/5 (3.5 MeV) of the total fusion energy in the form of kinetic energy, and a neutron, which carries 4/5 (14.1 MeV). Don’t be alarmed by the alpha particle, the particles are not dangerous in themselves, it is only because of the high speeds at which they are ejected from the nuclei that make them dangerous, but unlike beta or gamma radiation, they are stopped by a piece of paper.

Some fundamentals of fusion.

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Moon Horse is such an asshole.

I am in love.


omg i remember this panel. That ‘tia face is like my favourite EVER.

Wow, the comics certainly don’t pull any punches, do they?

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Human Sonic


Human Shadow


Human Tails



Human Silver


Human Knuckles

Human Amy 


Human Rouge


Human Eggman


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Currently taking the Can we guess who you are in 20 questions? thing, because a couple friends took it. So does this ball pit look like fun? I can’t look at ball pits the same way again after seeing the kerfluffle of DashCon 2014.

Edit: My quiz results were mostly wrong.

Here is our best guess at who you are:
1. You are male.
2. You are still a teenager, but won’t be one for very much longer.
3. You’re in college and are already worried about finding the perfect job that will be both fulfilling and will pay well. Your future worries you more than you’d like to admit.
4. You have beautiful, silky brown hair and big eyes.
5. You know that if you’d only believe in yourself more, things would be much easier for you. Yet you still doubt your instincts more than you should, instead of trusting them every time.

1. You are female.
2. You are currently in your mid fifties.
3. You have a wonderful big family and a deep loving connection with your lifelong partner.
4. You have Short hair, light colored eyes and stylish glasses. 
5. You have long ago decided to live every minute to the fullest. Your life experiences taught you that no moment should be wasted on something or someone you don’t love.

it got #4 right so that’s 1/5 good job quizilla

1. You are male. 
2. You are in currently in your mid 30’s.
3. You are married and just became a parent. You are experiencing exciting days, and more are on their way, but through it all you remain strong, loving and deeply caring. 
4. You have short hair - partly gray, brown eyes and a fit body.
5. You decided long ago that your kids must have a better childhood than the one you had. You know you’ll do anything to make sure of that.

1. You are male.
2. You are currently in your mid fifties, still working hard and enjoying every minute of it.
3. You are starting to go bald, but you don’t care about it as much as you thought you would when you were younger. You still have your good looks, your gray eyes and your sense of humor.
4. You have a beautiful loving family, great life-long friends, even the doctor is happy with your annual check up!
5. Things are generally good, and you just wish they’ll stay that way for much, much longer.

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don’t be fuckin rude

This hurts my soul


Bless the last kid tho.

My heart hurts. Our old SNES still holds a place of honor on our entertainment stand in the living room.

My heart is saddened by this

Don’t blame them, they are too stupid to know better.

Nostalgia: the feeling of forgetting that old things sucked.


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